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are you facing any of these challenges? we can help!

“I got a call in the middle of the night from the assisted living facility where my father lives. They told me he fell and they are taking him to the hospital. What now?”

“Should I have mom move in with me? She just doesn’t seem to be doing well on her own.”

“I have been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Even though my children are trying to be helpful they are doing things for me that I can do for myself. How do I tell them this without hurting their feelings?"


“When I recently visited my parents, they didn’t seem well. Mom seems confused and Dad seems exhausted. When I ask how I can help, Dad says he has everything under control and doesn’t need anyone’s help. What should I do?”

“I live out of state. I have received calls from the hospital emergency room three times this month about my Dad who lives in the East Bay. I can’t fly out to see him until next month. Can you help?”

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