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Assessment of Needs and Recommendations for Care

If you are confused and overwhelmed about what type of help is needed, or whether help is needed at all, you are not alone. Our consultants are specially trained to assess elder care needs while keeping in mind the somewhat conflicting goals of safety and independence. We gather information regarding a client’s health, mental health, physical issues, cognitive status, social and emotional needs, as well as functional abilities and environment, so we can get a picture of how the individual is doing overall. Upon completion of the assessment, we offer specific recommendations and options for care to fit the client and family’s unique situation. The assessment and recommendations for care serve as a short- and long-term road map for the individual and family. And, as needs change, this map can be changed accordingly.

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Advocacy and Coordination of Care

Advisors on Aging offers assistance in navigating and negotiating complex health and social service organizations. Based upon the plan of care, our consultants can help monitor and coordinate all identified services, whether they are provided in a hospital setting, home, assisted living facility or nursing home. We often act as a liaison between medical professionals, service agencies and families. We also have years of experience working with home caregivers and the agencies that employ them.

Education, Counseling and Information about Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias

A diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment (MCI), or a more serious form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can be paralyzing for the individual and their loved ones. However, receiving a diagnosis does not mean life is over. Seeking out information about how best to deal with symptoms and how to access appropriate services is critical, as is having a trained and trusted counselor to talk to about the accompanying fears and concerns. Our consultants are Licensed Clinical Social Workers who possess experience working with the range of psychological and practical issues involved with a diagnosis of dementia. Our goal is to offer specialized counseling to individuals to increase self-confidence, emotional resiliency and preparedness, while also offering encouragement to those who live and interact with the diagnosed individual. 


Caregiver Support

Advisors on Aging is committed to helping you plan, prepare and succeed as a caregiver. Our consultants help you evaluate care options and monitor services. We help you identify and utilize your own positive coping skills, while also helping you access the support from others that you deserve. Our goal is to help relieve some of the stress and pressure of being a caregiver to allow you the opportunity to visit with your loved one as you did before they needed your help. We can help you develop the peace of mind that you are on the right track on the caregiver journey.

Facilitation of Family Meetings

Advisors on Aging specializes in working with families in turmoil. Caring for an aging parent, especially when a crisis occurs, can cause past issues and rivalries to surface. Your family may be dealing with sibling caregiver support issues, estrangement from one another or a difficult or abusive relationship with the parent needing help. An Advisors on Aging Consultant can help open lines of communication within the family to clarify roles, establishing mutually agreed upon goals and set healthy boundaries.

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